Our farm

From generation to generation

Our farm is run with love by the whole family. It has been passed on from generation to generation. Since long time, the farm is part of our family property. Our holiday farm is lovingly run by the entire family and always eager to make the holiday as memorable as possible.

On our farm there are two apartments “Petra” and “Maria” and a double bedroom “Anna”, which are located respectively on the 1st floor of the house. Each of the apartments as well as the double bedroom has its own balcony, where you can enjoy the sunset on a warm summer evening.

The work and animals on our farm

There is always a lot to do here. In the summer we bring in the hay from the meadows, we weed the garden and water and care for all the flowers. In the late autumn and during the dim winter we carve and cut up the wood and dedicate ourselves to the music. We love to play music in our family.

On our farm live cows, calves, rabbit, chickens and our cat Mitzi; they look forward to every stroke.

Here is a little insight in advance for you:

Klaus: I am the farmer. Each day I go to the stable in the morning and in the evening to milk the cows. In the summer me and my family manage the fields around the farm.

Petra: I am the mother of two sons and the farmer’s wife. I take care of the guests and look forward to every conversation.

Leon: I am the older brother and I like to be outdoors. I love to drive with the pedal tractor. You will find me almost every evening in the stable.

Samuel: I’m the youngest son of the family and I enjoy playing with my brother.

Grandmother Maria: I’m the old farmer’s wife. With great joy I take care of the flowers and enjoy spending my time in the garden.

Grandfather Paul: I am the old farmer and I go to the stable in the morning and in the evening. I do some work on the farm and I help my son Klaus.